4-Channel High Definition Network Decoder

Honeywell Black™ CALNVS-DC04 is a 4-channel network decoder offering high definition solution for small surveillance system. It supports 8-channel 1080P, 16-channel 720P, 32-channel 960H or 36-channel D1 real-time decoding to the video wall or monitor, offering simultaneous multi-channel megapixel video display.

Featuring BNC / VGA / HDMI video output, the CALNVS-DC04 is capable of transferring high definition digital or analog video signals to display video on monitor or video wall. Using the decoder together with the Honeywell Black™ CAL-CMS200 IP camera central management software, DVR / NVR streams can be switched smoothly to video wall by PC client. Network keyboard can also be connected to provide video wall management including screen switch, PTZ control, and sequence viewing. In applications requiring only live video display - such as a public view monitor in a store, the CALNVS-DC04 offers a more costeffective solution than using a PC to connect a monitor.

CALNVS-DC04 supports alarm trigger by motion detection, video loss, video blind and IP conflict. The CALNVRView mobile view APP allows a quick remote access and control to CALNVS-DC04 via your mobile phone.

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